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…buenos días.
…para mantener el ánimo alto durante el día: Ancilla Tilia, fotografiada por Damien Nikora. (Nueva Zelanda, 2013)
…esto es todo lo que tengo que decir sobre “el día de las madres”.

De cuando veo la primera edición de un libro viejo



“…my precious.”


It’s just… a bad dream! Wake up, wake up….

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…hermosa foto.

West London, England - October 22, 1940
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I hope your holiday has been filled with much glee, dudes! Here’s an evening Christmas present from me to you. My calendars are finally available! 
http://laurenwk.bigcartel.com/And what the hell, I’m in the mood for a contest! I have a handful of one-of-a-kind, never-to-be-released Instax photos that were shot for the calendar but not used. Want to win a signed one? Reblog this for a chance! I’ll choose a random winner in about a week! Stay tuned for contests to win more original Instax photos, hand written postcards, and more!And PS: The proceeds will be supporting my ass throughout a very difficult 3-4 month Lyme disease detox regimen, which will make it very difficult for me to work much.  So, uhhh, it’s for a good cause or something.

…worth the reblog.